Our Mustards

  • mustard-sweet-sassy

    Sweet & Sassy Mustard

    A smooth and sweet mustard, Uncle Phil’s™ Sweet n’Sassy Mustard will add a little sass to your next meal. Its unique and subtle flavors are perfect for dipping or as a healthy alternative in sauces and marinades.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • hot-english-mustard

    Hot English Mustard

    Bring the taste and tradition of England to your home. This hot and slightly sweet mustard is perfect as a condiment to sausages, deli sandwiches, or the classic fish ‘n chips.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • mustard-dijon

    Dijon Mustard

    Made with white wine using a traditional French recipe, Uncle Phil’s™ Dijon Mustard is an outstanding flavor enhancer in dishes and marinades.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • mustard-honey

    Honey Mustard

    Using only the finest honey and select spices, Uncle Phil’s™ Honey Mustard offers a tangy taste and aroma that can be used as a flavor enhancer to a variety of marinades and sauces or a unique snack dip.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • mustard-spicy-brown

    Spicy Brown Mustard

    Uncle Phil’s™ Spicy Brown Mustard (Dusseldorf) offers a robust, stone ground flavor that perfectly enhances a hot dog or brat at your next barbecue.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • mustard-polish

    Polish Mustard

    Carefully ground using authentic stones, Uncle Phil’s™ Polish Mustard is a hearty, robust mustard with a hint of horseradish that is irresistible on sandwiches or a delicious compliment to any meat.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • traditional-variety-pack

    Traditional Variety Pack

    The Traditional Variety Pack includes two bottles each of our Polish, Dijon and Honey Mustards.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • sassy-variety-pack

    Sassy Variety Pack

    Our Sassy Variety Pack includes two bottles each of our Spicy Brown, Sweet n’ Sassy and Hot English Mustards.

    $7.00 (case of 6)
  • custom-variety-pack

    Custom Variety Pack

    Choose 6 mustards of your choice for a custom pack of mustards to perfectly suit your taste.

    $7.00 (case of 6)

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