Uncle Phil’s Mustard History

The origins of Uncle Phil’s mustard date back to 1973 when President and CEO of Wisconsin Spice, Inc. – the parent company to Uncle Phil’s – Phil Sass was asked to create a duplicate for a certain Dijon mustard commonly associated with a butler and the elite. After successfully duplicating this Dijon mustard, Wisconsin Spice, Inc. was asked to develop and manufacture another specialty mustard, this one a horseradish-based mustard. At this time, Sass (soon to be known as “Uncle Phil”) began to think he was on to something and in 1980 Wisconsin Spice launched its own retail brand of mustard – Uncle Phil’s Polish Mustard. You may wonder, “Why the name Uncle Phil’s?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a very dramatic story here. The name Uncle Phil’s was the brainchild of Phil’s wife, Beth Sass, as a clever way to communicate a fun loving, and great tasting brand of specialty mustard. (And yes, Uncle Phil is, in fact, an uncle to 15 nieces and nephews.)

Since then, Uncle Phil’s has added four other flavors of mustard: Honey MustardDijonSpicy Brown, and Sweet & Sassy. Today, Uncle Phil’s continues to grow its reputation as a great tasting product suitable for any budget. While Uncle Phil’s is growing in distribution throughout Wisconsin, and the Midwest, the brand’s loyal customers will prove to be critical to growth. Uncle Phil thanks all those who enjoy his mustard at sporting events, tailgates, and family cookouts.